We offer single and multiple channel digital controllers to ensure your feeders and related equipment is performing correctly. All of our controllers are OEM original equipment and can be tailored to meet any and all of your needs.

    The Rodix FC-200 Plus Series Feeder Cube is a completely digital control based on the same proven durability as the FC-90 Plus Series. All of the set up adjustments are done through the keypad on the front cover. With an easy to read LCD display, you can precisely adjust the feed rate and know the status of the sensor and auxiliary output. UL and cUL approved. CE marked units available.

    FC-200-SINGLE | FC-200-DUAL | FC-300-TRIPLE | FC-400-QUAD
    An extensive line of photoelectric and laser sensors helps with applications such as presence, absence, inspection, gating, counting, measurement and position. Available in multiple sizes and materials that meet many industry regulations and requirements, Banner sensors offer detection solutions for multiple environments.
    Drive Units that provide the engine to keep your parts moving to their desired destination.
    Cold roll steel thickness from .030" to .035"

    1" X 1-1/2" - (1) 13/32" hole centered
    1" X 2" - (2) 13/32" holes 1" centers
    1" X 3" - (2) 21/32" holes 1-1/2 centers
    1-1/2" x 4" - (2) 25/32" holes 2" centers
    Whether for position or parts presence sensing, or to meet your current conversion needs; we have the custom-sized, wound, and encapsulated electrical coils to keep your Feeding Systems humming like new.
    If the Parts that you are in need of did not fall under one of the categories listed above, do not worry. We carry a wide variety of Parts for many different Systems, and have access to many of the “hard to find” parts we might not generally carry in stock.

    Contact one of our sales representatives, giving us a list of all the parts that you need, and we will get back with you promptly with a quote for each and every part. Make sure to include your contact information so we can not only send you your quote, but clear up any questions we might have concerning your request.

    We generally will get back with you within 24 hours or less during the work week, knowing that your time is important, and your system is often the life force of your company.

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