• It is vital Machinery is properly grounded and using the correct voltage.


  • Be careful when moving or picking up your machine.
  • Bowls are only held to their table by rubber leveling feet.
  • Pick up your machine from underneath it’s base, or table if included.
  • When moving machine, be sure that table is not tipped at steep angle.

Open shipping crate:

  • Remove Yellow Shipping Springs.
    • Yellow Springs are for shipping purposes only
  • Remove Machinery from the crate and check for any damage.
  • When Machine is at final location and resting place, make sure everything is level.
  • Determine if the mounting surfaces and/or tables are strong and stable enough to accommodate Machinery.
  • Check all bolts and tighten, if required.
  • If mounting surface vibrates excessively, it can interfere with vibration of bowl.
  • Make sure nothing encounters the bowl, base unit, inline or hopper.

Do not overload Bowl:

  • Unless specified by Vibcon, part level should not exceed height of first turn of track inside bowl.

Turn machine on:

  • Vibcon recommended machines settings – based on testing and run-off – are already input into the system and will appear when machine is turned on.
  • Make sure flow controls for air jets are pushed down in a locked position to endure air settings remain set.
  • Make sure air regulator is set at PSI specified.