1. After removing your machinery from it’s crate, check for any damage.
  2. CAUTION needs to be taken when moving or picking up your machine. Bowls are only held to their table by rubber leveling feet. Make sure to pick up your machine from underneath it’s base, or table if included. Also, be sure when moving equipment, that your table is not tipped at a steep angle.
  3. When your machine is at it’s final location, make sure everything is level.
  4. Determine if your mounting surfaces and/or tables are strong and stable enough to accommodate machinery. If the mounting surface vibrates excessively, it can cause interference with the vibration of the bowl.
  5. Check all bolts and tighten, if required.
  6. Make sure nothing comes in contact with the bowl, base unit, inline or hopper.
  7. It is vital that your machine is properly grounded and connected to the correct voltage.
  8. DO NOT OVERLOAD BOWL. Part level should not exceed height of first turn of track inside bowl.
  9. Turn machine on and adjust proper speed, generally about 10% more rate than needed. Time with stopwatch and take average over five (5) minutes.
  10. If machine does not work properly, see trouble shooting section.