Vibratory Tables 1

Vibratory Table feeders are very similar to an Opposing Belt System, but with less moving parts, and very little maintenance.

A lot of customers have shown interest in these for Robot Camera Operations. The pictures are of a 3’ x 5’ Table, but the size of the table can be changed easily to accommodate a variety of different sized parts. We can also customize them and add tooling to help knock over standing parts or doubles.

Vibratory Tables 2

This particular table shown is a 3’ X 5’ vibratory table feeder that uses brushlon to circulate the parts as shown. You could set up a camera and robot to pick from one section of the table or to view the whole table. A hopper could be used in conjunction with the table to continue to feed parts for circulation.



Vibratory Tables 4
Vibratory Tables 3

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