Vibcon Corporation can supply Base Plates and Tables of any size and shape, with any style of legs your system requires. With our vibratory machine mounts, the normal Tables include Jack Screws to allow for some height adjustment, as well as holes for Lag Screws to allow permanent location. Our Standard Plates and Floor Stands are designed using a 1¼” thick plate that is “Blanchard-Ground” on both sides. 3” square structural tubing with Bolt-on Pads is used in the fabrication of the Legs and Cross Bracing for all of our Floor Stands and Tables. These vibratory machine mounts come standard with Heavy-Duty Adjustable Leveling Pads. For a solid and permanent mounting to your floor, Foot Pads with an anchor-through hole are provided as well. Our Tables are designed and built to give you the peace of mind that your System is Secure and Structurally Safe for everyday continuous operation.


Enclosures 2

Height Adjustment

  • Jack Screws

Permanent Location

  • Holes for Lag Screws

Mounting Plates

Tables Mounting 2

Plate Thickness

  • 1¼”

Square Tubing Size

  • 3″

Leveling Pads

  • Heavy Duty
  • Standard

Permanent Vibratory Machine Mounts

  • Foot pads with actor through holes