For over 40 years, Vibcon has provided highly effective solutions for our customers’ feeding and assembly needs. With extensive industry knowledge and expert design skills, we custom manufacture parts feed systems to meet even the most demanding specifications. 

Engineering Process

Here is a quick overview of the engineering process when requesting a custom-built parts feeder:

  1. The customer sends a purchase order.
  2. The customer sends part drawings for the parts that will be fed through the feed system.
  3. The customer sends the physical parts.
  4. Vibcon contacts the customer to finalize the design, bowl rotation, and any other required information for building a custom parts feeder. 


Vibcon engineers and handcrafts vibratory bowl feeders to accommodate specific part requirements. The proper diameter for the bowl depends on part shape, size, and orientation. Diameter sizes include:

  • 8”, 10”, 12”, 15”, 18”, 21”, 24”, 27”, 30”, 36”

Depending on the application, vibratory bowls are available in thicknesses ranging from ⅛” to 11 gauge. Materials used include 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel, which is best suited for medical-grade applications.



After determining the bowl size, we identify the necessary plate thickness using the guide below:

  • 1 ½” plate thickness for 8” bowl
  • 2” plate thickness for 10”, 12”, 15”, 18”, or 21” bowl
  • 2 ¼” plate thickness for 21”, 24”, or 27” bowl
  • 2 ½” plate thickness for 30” or 36” bowl


Since the drive unit sits directly under the vibratory bowl, the drive unit’s size will match that of the bowl.

Vibratory In-Line and Track

Parts feed systems have powered horizontal vibratory and inline tracks. Horizontal vibratory tracks usually store pre-oriented parts, while inline tracks have an exit point away from the bowl for finished parts or to allow the parts to feed into another machine. For easy shutdown, we can install a full track switch that powers down the feeder when the track is full. 

Standard inlines must exceed 14” and mini inlines must be at least 6”. Depending on your needs, two to seven spring packs can be installed on the parts feeder system. 

Photoelectric Laser Sensors

Photoelectric and laser sensors aid in applications involving absence, presence, inspection, gating, measurement, counting, and positioning. Sensors are available in multiple materials and sizes to meet strict regulations and requirements across many industries. 

Vibcon can supply the following photoelectric lasers for your feed system. 

  • Full track lasers
  • Low track lasers
  • Hopper lasers


Our controllers are OEM equipment that can be customized to meet your needs for controlling on-off settings and vibratory frequency. The RODIX FC-200 Plus Series Feeder Cube offers the same durability as the FC-90 Plus Series, but with digital control capabilities and setup adjustments enabled via the keypad on the front cover. With an easy-to-read LCD screen, operators can fine-tune the feed rate and check the status of the sensor and auxiliary output. The controller is UL and cUL approved, and CE marked units are available. 

Available controllers from Vibcon include:

  • Single controller connected to the bowl only
  • Dual controller connected to the bowl and track
  • Triple controller connected to the bowl, track, and hopper


The hopper consistently feeds parts into the bowl, allowing line operators to multitask while the system runs attendant-free. Vibcon Engineering determines hopper size based on PPM and how long you require attendant-free operation. 

Standard hopper sizes include:

  • 1/4 cu ft 
  • 1/2 cu ft
  • 1 cu ft
  • 2 cu ft
  • 3 cu ft
  • 5 cu ft
  • 7 cu ft
  • 10 cu ft

Hoppers are made of 1018 low-carbon steel, with available thicknesses ranging from ⅛” to 11 gauge. 


Depending on your production needs, Vibcon can create custom, stand-alone tables or mounting stands to support your parts feed system. 


For an efficient, turnkey solution, we offer end tooling, which allows custom-designed parts feed systems to mate with your existing equipment. 

Vibcon’s escapement solutions include:

  • Dead-end nests
  • Shuttle
  • Escape and blow
  • Pick and place systems


Vibcon produces custom modular enclosures to protect products, operators, and the parts feed system from factory floor hazards such as moisture, dirt, heat, and sound. 

Trust Vibcon to Build Your Custom Parts Feed System

Regardless of how demanding your application is, Vibcon can design and manufacture a highly effective solution to meet or exceed your expectations and relevant industry standards. Vibcon’s reputation for crafting unique solutions for customers’ feeding and assembly needs means that you can count on the highest quality products and services when you work with us. Contact us today to learn how we can design and build your custom parts feed system. 

  • ENG
    Engineering Process:
    - Customer sends Purchase Order
    - Customer sends Part Drawings
    - Customer sends physical Parts
    - Vibcon will contact customer to agree on Design, Bowl rotation, and other required information.
  • BOWL
    Engineered and Hand Crafted

    Bowl diameter determined by Vibcon Engineering using part size, shape, and orientation:
    8″ | 10″ | 12″ | 15″ | 18″ | 21″ | 24″ | 27″ | 30" | 36″

    Materials and approximate thickness:
    Grade: 304 Stainless Steel | Grade: 316 Stainless Steel for Medical and Pharma applications | Thickness: 1/8″ – 11 Gauge

    Coating Options:
    Abcite | Rough coat | Plasma | Polyurethane | Teflon
    Common Plate for the full System. Plate thickness determined by Bowl size once specified.

    1 ½” plate thickness for 8″ Bowl
    2” plate thickness for 10″ | 12″ | 15″ | 18″ | 21" Bowl
    2 ¼” plate thickness for 21″ | 24″ | 27″ Bowl
    2 ½” plate thickness for 30" | 36" Bowl
    The Drive Unit - not visible in this image - attaches to the common plate and sits directly below the vibratory bowl.

    Drive Unit size determined by matching Bowl size:
    8″ | 10″ | 12″ | 15″ | 18″ | 21″ | 24″ | 27″ | 30" | 36″

    VIBRATORY IN-LINE AND TRACK: Powered horizontal vibratory tracks normally used to store pre-oriented parts. Inline Tracks also create an exit point away from the bowl or a means to feed into a separate machine. A full track switch can also be installed to shut down the feeder when the track is full.

    Standard Inline: Must be longer than 14”

    Mini Inline: Must be longer than 6”

    Spring Packs: 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
    PHOTOELECTRIC LASER SENSORS (not pictured below)
    An extensive line of photoelectric and laser sensors helps with applications such as presence, absence, inspection, gating, counting, measurement and position. Available in multiple sizes and materials that meet many industry regulations and requirements, Banner sensors offer detection solutions for multiple environments.

    Full Track Laser
    Low Track Laser
    Hopper Laser
    CONTROLLERS (not pictured below)
    Controls on-off and vibratory frequency specified. All of our controllers are OEM original equipment and can be tailored to meet any and all of your needs. The RODIX FC-200 Plus Series Feeder Cube is a completely digital control based on the same proven durability as the FC-90 Plus Series. All of the set-up adjustments are done through the keypad on the front cover. With an easy-to-read LCD display, you can precisely adjust the feed rate and know the status of the sensor and auxiliary output. UL and cUL approved. CE marked units available.

    Single Controller: Bowl Only
    Dual Controller: Bowl and Track
    Triple Controller: Bowl, Track, and Hopper
    Used to feed parts consistently into the bowl and allow Line Operators to multi-task while system is operating attendant free. Hopper Size Determined by Vibcon Engineering using PPM and desired time for attendant free operation.

    Standard Sizes: 1/4 cu ft | 1/2 cu ft | 1 cu ft | 2 cu ft | 3 cu ft | 5 cu ft | 7 cu ft | 10 cu ft

    Materials and approximate thickness: Grade: 1018 Low Carbon Steel | Thickness: 1/8″ – 11 Gauge
    Stand-alone, custom-made Tables or Mounting Stands to bolster Parts Feed System.
    ESCAPEMENT (not pictured below)
    End Tooling to mate with customer's existing equipment for a more efficient turn key solution. Includes Dead-End Nests, Shuttle, Escape and Blow, and Pick and Place systems.
    ENCLOSURE (not pictured below)
    Custom made and modular, Enclosures are designed to protect operators, products, and the Parts Feed System itself from factory-floor dangers including Dirt | Moisture | Heat | Sound Abatement and more

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