BowlA critical element to ensure the hopper vibratory feeder’s performance rates are adhering to predetermined specifications is the correct hopper design and sizing. The “front end” function can also play a critical role in validating proper material level insertion (and possibly specify between particular types of parts) and prevent damage to the feeder itself. We provide a wide range of hopper vibratory feeder designs and sizes to best accommodate these important needs.

We offer three types of hopper vibratory feeders that can be built with mild or stainless steel.

Standard Hopper


  • Construction Materials: Mild Steel | Stainless Steel
  • Standard Sizes: 1/4 cu ft | 1/2 cu ft | 1 cu ft | 2 cu ft | 3 cu ft | 5 cu ft | 7 cu ft | 10 cu ft

Straight Front Hopper

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Hopper Vibratory feeders

This hopper is almost identical to the standard except it has straight sides and a bigger opening in front to handle larger parts and parts that tend to tangle.

  • Construction Materials: Mild Steel | Stainless Steel
  • Straight Front Sizes: 2 cu. ft. | 3 cu. ft. | 5 cu. ft. | 7 cu. ft. | 10 cu. ft.

Floor Feeder Elevator

This is for larger parts and larger volumes and consists of a floor mounted tub with a cleated-up-feed belt. They can be designed for practically any load or discharge height and any volume from 1 cu.ft. up

  • Construction Materials: Mild Steel | Stainless Steel
  • Above 1cu. ft.

Space Saver Hopper

  • Up to 6 cu. ft.

Bin Shaker

This is a specialized vibratory hopper designed to feed parts that tangle and interlock. It shakes the parts violently to cause them to separate.

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