At Vibcon Corporation, we are a premier designer and manufacturer of vibratory machines for feeding, separating, and orientation applications. Whether a customer’s production operations involve a single component or a complete system, we have the experience and expertise to provide innovative solutions for their most demanding parts feeding challenges. One of our core product offerings is vibratory bowl feeders.

Vibratory bowl feeders—also referred to as bowls—are the most commonly used within the parts feeding industry; they utilize electromagnetic coils to generate vibrations to move parts as needed for subsequent operations. Compared to other platforms available, they offer better flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness; they can be configured as single or multiple line applications, feed and orient a wide range of part profiles at high rate requirements, and tolerate some of the most severe industrial environments.

Looking for quality bowl feeder systems for your facility? Vibcon has got you covered. We offer vibratory bowls with a variety of customization options, so you can choose the design and construction that best suits your needs. We also offer modifications other than the above, including accumulator towers to store and feed pre-oriented parts, bowls used as hoppers to get a finer and/or smaller quantity of material fed, and bowls used as sorters to sort one part from another (such as coins or different length bolts), which are frequently used in the plastics industry to sort sprues from parts and one part from another.  More Bowl Feeders below.

Vibratory Bowl Feeders

Bowl diameters:

8″ | 10″ | 12″ | 15″ | 18″ | 21″ | 24″ | 27″ | 36″

Construction materials​​​ and approximate thickness

  • Grade: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Grade: 316 Stainless Steel (Medical and Pharma applications)
  • Thickness: 1/8″ – 11 Gauge

Coating Options:

Abcite | Rough coat | Plasma | Polyurethane | Teflon


Vibratory | Engineered | Hand fabricated | AWS TIG welded | Hardened Steel on high-wear areas when required |

Time and Money

Bowl feeders are a vital piece of equipment in the parts feeding industry; they make moving and orienting components within larger assembly lines much easier, saving companies time and money.


What Are Vibratory Bowl Feeders & Centrifugal Bowl Feeders?

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