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Request for Quote:

For quicker turnaround on a request for quote, please send an email to Info@Vibcon.com with the following information:

  • Contact: Company Name and Contact Information
  • Part Dimensions: Exact dimensions of the part(s), in inches or mm.
  • Part Material: What is the part(s) material.
  • Part Print: Send part prints, pictures of the part or models in a ‘.STP’ format.
  • Part Orientation: What is the desired orientation of the part(s) coming out of the system.
  • Parts Per Minute: How many PPM (parts per minute) is required.
  • In-line Track: Will an inline track coming off the bowl be required.
  • Run Time Required: What is required run time before Line Operator refills the bowl.
  • Hopper: Is a hopper required to limit the time a Line Operator will attend the Bowl.
  • Escapement: Is an escapement needed for Parts to be picked by hand and/or by robot.
  • Food or Medical: Is this system required to be food or medical grade.

Thank you for your interest in VIBCON.