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  1. Celebrating 35 years!

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    Unending Love and Gratitude to all of our Friends and Family!

    Vibcon Shed
    Vibcon Newspaper

    Vibcon Warehouse

    It started in the backyard with a shed and a dream, and has grown into the business that it is today.

    Jeff Anderson had a vision; and that was to deliver a quality product to all of our customers, and meet each and every need that they might have. We can proudly say, that we have met this expectation for 35 years, and plan to do so for at least 35 more.

    The Vibcon Corporation team, ready to continue shaking things up

    When Jeff passed last year, many people wanted to write us off, but that was just not in the cards. Jeff’s wife, Robin, stepped in and took over the reigns of the company. Along with her two kids, Brandon and Jessica, they have not only been true to Jeff’s vision, but are looking to expand on it in the very near future.

    Vibcon 33 year 9
    Vibcon 33 year 10
    Vibcon 33 year 7
    Vibcon 33 year 8

    We could not have made this happen without the continued support of our loyal customers, all of whom, have become part of our little family. Our appreciation also goes out to our staff, and all of our friends and family. If not for their unwavering loyalty and support, we would not have been able to accomplish as much as we have

    Vibcon 33 year 4

    So here’s to another 35 years… We hope you come along for the ride!