Since 1982, VIBCON has created state of the art vibratory machines for feeding, separating and orientation applications for a variety of products and components. We’ve worked with springs, spacers, electrical connector bodies, brass and stainless steel couplings and so much more – often in shapes that defy typical methods of separation and orientation.

Whatever your part, we are confident that we can accommodate your every need and specification. Our vibratory machines are used to sort and organize items and parts in multiple industries.

Our Products

Located in the heart of American manufacturing, VIBCON over the years, Vibcon has served and manufactured solutions for Automotive, Military, Semi-conductors, Plumbing, Lawn and Garden, Hardware, Packaging, Food and Beverage, Paper and Packaging, Chemical Processing, Ceramics, Textiles, Agricultural, Pharma and Medicine, and more. After 35 years, we’ve seen a lot in the Parts Feeding and Automation discipline.

In Pharma and Medicine specifically, assembly poses some of the most challenging parts separation and orientation issues. Mixing sterile environments, with fragile and often hard to orient parts, for medical devices and/or pharmaceutical ingredients or end products. Vibcon has developed a variety of techniques for properly handling and processing these crucial production elements for downstream processing.

The electrical industry has often called upon Vibcon’s skills at part/component and finished product assembly. The dizzying array of types, sizes, styles and shapes that are often required (sometimes for one product line) have often posed difficult part pre-assembly issues. Vibcon has provided the means and methods for these manufacturers to increase throughout, lower assembly errors and parts damage and also maintain critical electrical parameters, including lot tracking and other risk management and warranty issues. If your part of the electrical industry, then Vibcon is the company for your every need!

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